I’m a freelance science and health reporter, writer, and editor.

I cover lots of topics but focus on space and physics, mental health, and how technology is changing the way we live. My work has been published in New Scientist, Women’s Health, BBC Focus, The Daily Beast, the i paper, and more. I also like to talk about journalism.

Until January 2018 I was science editor at BuzzFeed UK. There I reported on topics from Brexit to air pollution to ADHD, explained string theory with cats, tested the internet’s science knowledge, and edited what other people wrote about science and health. Over my time at BuzzFeed I ran two teams: one focussing on entertaining science stories, and the other on UK science news. I ran special projects like Health Ed Week, and also made videos, charts and gifs for social media.

I have a degree in physics and a master's in science communication from Imperial College London. I used to write a blog called basic space for Scientific American and a column about science on the internet for BBC Focus magazine.

I've been shortlisted (twice) for the Wellcome Trust Science Writing Prize, in association with the Guardian and the Observer.

Before BuzzFeed I was founding editor of the now-defunct physics focus, a blog network for physicists, and in charge of social media at the Institute of Physics. I also, somehow, ended up as a literal poster girl for physics.

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