“From Instagram to holograms: How will we communicate science in the future?” panel discussion, Imperial College Science Communication Unit Silver Jubilee event - London, September 2018

“What journalists are looking for” panel discussion, Standing up for Science training day, Manchester University, April 2018

"Online Science Journalism" lecture, MSc Science Communication – Manchester University, January 2018

"How should we talk about evolution? Discussing science and religion in the media" panel discussion – Dana Centre, London, October 2017

"Three Things I've Learned At BuzzFeed" invited talk at Science:Disrupt event on science communication – Digital Science, London, June 2017

Science journalism keynote lecture, undergraduate science communication programme in department of Life Sciences – Imperial College London, March 2017

"Science and News Media" lecture, MSc Science Communication – Manchester University, January 2017

"New Ways of Covering an Old Story: Climate Change and the Media" panel discussion – London, December 2016

"Future of News" panel discussion, EuroScience Open Forum conference – Manchester, July 2016

"The Media and the Environment: New and Old Challenges" panel discussion, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism – Oxford, May 2016

"New science journalism: Reporting beyond the traditional media" panel discussion – London, September 2015

"Meet the Editors" panel discussion, ABSW Science Journalism Summer School – London, June 2015

"Creating a buzz: Online engagement beyond Twitter" talk, STEMPRA Press Officers Training Day – London, March 2014

"The art of BuzzFeed Science" talk, BBC Radio 4 Digital Forum, New Broadcasting House – London, March 2014


Podcast: How to fix... clean air, Prospect

How to create a successful science blog, The Guardian